No Fallout Vegas Plans, Custom Dice Required, Mole Rats Confirmed, Raider Power Armour & Liberty Prime Draft Pose

Speaking in an interview with the good people at Skirmish Supremacy, you can find an archive of their podcasts here, Chris Birch has reiterated much of what we’ve heard before. But he also confirmed a few new things.

First of all, Fallout New Vegas is not currently being considered for the game. For the sake of full disclosure, I need to tell you that I actually already knew this but rather than make it public knowledge, I asked if I should hold back on that bit of information. And so I did. But now that it’s out there, it is what it is.

Second, the Mole Rats have been confirmed as a creature that will appear in the game. Hurrah! Now we just need to know if Moira Brown can get us a Mole Rat Repellent Stick when the Fallout 3 content starts to roll around.

Third, the previously mentioned Liberty Prime figure has been viewed by Chris in its draft form. At the minute, Liberty Prime is posed as though he is in the middle of throwing a bomb. Fingers crossed, it’s a mini-nuke. He is expected to be 25cm tall, which is about 10 inches. 9.84252 inches if you want to be specific!

While there’s no miniature to show, Chris has also confirmed that a Raider will be coming to the raider faction and he will be wearing Power Armour. This will likely be Boomer, a character that was previously confirmed to be coming to the game.

In gameplay information, rolling to Hit is done with a D20. Chris made mention of Bands of Range. This makes me think of Warzone, which is what I’ve wanted since the beginning. He goes on to say how a roll of 9 is what you would expect to see as a 75-85% hit chance, which is exactly the same as a well aiming soldier in the aforementioned Warzone post. If you want to read more about how shooting works in Warzone, you can do so here. A bit of rule speculation is always fun.

He also inadvertently revealed that the game will likely be using Custom D12 and D20 that, “the dice also already has some other symbols on it that trigger a different reaction and the, uh, ability to go on overwatch basically.”

In not so important news, but interesting news, Chris re-confirms the existence of Tournament kit for ranked tournament play.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.


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