Fallout Wasteland Warfare Interviews: UK Game Expo Highlights.

Dawn, from Beasts of War, sat down with Chris Birch of Modiphius Entertainment at the UK Game Expo to have a chat about what’s coming up soon. While they did discuss their upcoming Borg Cube for the Star Trek RPG, we’re only here for the latest news from the Wasteland!
Speaking to Chris, Dawn asked that he “spill the beans”, which is a question I’m sure many of you aspiring Wanderers would like to ask. Rather than transcribe the interview verbatim, you can find it here. Featured below is a list of the highlights.

  • Roughly 40 miniatures have already been sculpted and were immediately approved by Bethesda.
  • One miniature, the Sentry Bot, required a small tweak before being approved. According to Chris, “it wasn’t quite perfect.”
  • The Liberty Prime miniature is being sculpted by a French sculptor, Gael Goumon.
  • When talking about Liberty Prime, Chris held his hands roughly 12-15 inches apart and said, “I don’t know, it’s going to be about this big.” Whether or not this is a literal estimation remains unknown.
  • The game is currently in a closed Beta test for the rules which is split into “about 25 groups” that are “testing the hell out of it.”
  • Chris has said that fans of Mordheim and Necromunda will love the game because it has, “the crew building, the campaign, levelling up…”
  • Fallout 4 is being used as a jumping off point for Fallout Wasteland Warfare because of its public awareness.
  • Chris has said, “you will be able to get some more Vault Dwellers, you’ll be able to get some Riley’s Rangers, all the various neutral factions that you can get on your side.”
  • The release schedule has been tweaked to bring forward the release of characters that were highly requested by the community.
  • As previously stated, the game makes use of character cards. These unit cards are key to unit and character operation. If you have a Unit 3-6 Super Mutants that are represented by their unit card. Or you can turn a Super Mutant into a Character by adding a “Character Card” which gives you access to, “the advanced rules.”
  • Having access to “advanced rules” will let them roll “a special dice” which gets them “extra actions” and it lets them do “much more unusual stuff” in the game.
  • Every single miniature has S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats.
  • The ability to Hack is in the game.
  • Miniatures can use their Charisma to try and “win over a new neutral survivor” or “bully them into joining you.”
  • The ability to Repair is in the game.
  • The game can be played with 30 miniatures per side with teams being made of large groups of “grunt” level miniatures with a single leader or you can go super in depth with just 5 miniatures using the aforementioned advanced rules.
  • The starter box will contain a “mini learning campaign.”
  • New campaigns and story driven content will draw on other Fallout games.
  • In-game events will have an effect on the missions that follow.
  • A new Settlement upgrade has been named. Players can add the Work Bench to their settlement which will somehow influence the players crew.
  • A campaign box will be coming out that expands upon settlement and campaign portions of the game.
  • The base games comes with a “flavour of everything. Chris expands on this saying it will come with, “just enough cards to do a solo game, but every box of figures you buy comes with more solo activation cards and more wasteland encounter cards, so as you’re exploring the wasteland you can find more variety.” Relevant Unit cards are also included in each of these boxes.
  • The game will be showcased at Gen Con. This year Gen Con starts on Thursday the 17th of August and ends on Sunday the 20th of August.
  • Copies of the game might be available at Essen Spiele.
  • Pre-orders should be going live “around July, maybe August, for delivery in October.”

Update: 07/06/2017

Speaking with “Comic Book Joe” from the YouTube Channel, Green Stuff Games, Chris added another name to the list of Neutral Factions. Specifically, The Children of the Atom.

Talking about the players freedom of choice in the game, he said, “… you could just, you know, you could just go ‘my favourite figures are that Super Mutant with the hammer, the Sentry Bot, the Sole Survivor and this monster’.”

The first mission that you will play in the game will be a scenario that sees the player taking control of the Sole Survivor finding Dog Meat.

Terrain for the game will be created by Battle Systems, a company that has already made some incredible clip together terrain sets. They will be building the Red Rocket and other sets which will all be compatible with their already existing line of terrain for increased compatibility.

Modular customisation options that can be added to your pre-existing terrain to give it a more Fallout-esque feel will also be getting released at some point.

Bigger boxed releases will come with some terrain included.

There’s going to be a “big collectors edition” available at launch. This might be comparable to the recent Borg Cube launch. The Modiphius Entertainment Facebook page was asked about this, to which the reply was, “Fallout will be getting something equally cool…”

The first Starter Box for the game will be The Survivors Vs The Super Mutants.

The Campaign Box will include rules for a “Mass Battle System.”
In the normal version of the game, you activate a Character, move it, and then take an action. Hack, Shoot, Repair etc. Or you activate a Squad/Unit and you move an individual miniature, then take an action and repeat this until each miniature in the Squad/Unit has activated.
In the Mass Battle System, the entire Squad/Unit moves as one with a single dice roll resolving their shooting action.

The Mass Battle System is flexible. It can be used to play the game with multiple Squad/Unit’s vs a player using Characters that are using the Advanced Rules.

That’s all for now, thank for reading.


One thought on “Fallout Wasteland Warfare Interviews: UK Game Expo Highlights.

  1. Hi! That’s some god damn great news 😀 I can’t wait to have the game in hands!!

    PS: if you need a painter for some of your miniatures, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email 🙂 I’ll gladly help voluntarily 🙂


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