TTCombat “Phoenix Fizz” Vending Machines.

We are all on the lookout for terrain and scenic pieces for our tables in anticipation of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and many of us have been turning to TTCombat and their fantastic line of City Scenics. Well, TTCombat have once again delivered the goods with their astoundingly thematic Phoenix Fizz Vending Machines.


Nuka Cola is the drink that was made famous in the Fallout franchise, but everyone is going to have a Nuka Cola machine or two on their table, right? So why not swap it up a bit and introduce some unique flavours to the Wasteland and Commonwealth with Phoneix Fizz?
These 4.6cm (1.8 inch) tall vending machines are beautifully cast in Resin and come with 4 doors which you can attach to the machines, and two optional back-panels for the machines. One plain and one decorated. Inside the machines, you’ll find 4 bottles of Phoneix Fizz on the front shelf, and at the back we can see the inner workings of the refrigeration unit.
Specifically engineered for games that are 28mm – 32mm in scale, you’ll almost certainly want to add a set of these to your Wasteland Table. For a scale comparison, the photo beneath has both Phoenix Fizz Vending Machines, plus accessories, with a Primaris Space Marine.
For only £8, you would be mad to miss out on these excellent scenic pieces.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.