Jim Moreno of Geek & Sundry opens the floodgates on Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Jim Moreno, a Freelance Web Journalist working with Geek & Sundry has revealed some all new information regarding Fallout Wasteland Warfare in his latest exclusive.
Both Moreno and Modiphius’ Publishing Director, Chris Birch, took to the internet to reveal all new information about the game and reveal two never before seen miniatures. Talk about exciting!

As you already know by now, and as was reiterated by Birch, Fallout Wasteland Warfare is “the first tabletop miniatures game based on the Fallout universe”. But now we know that it will draw heavily from Fallout 4, most likely to capitalise on the games success, much to the chagrin of many gamers.

Speaking about where the game will be taking most of its influence from, Birch said,”We’re drawing on the breadth of content in Fallout 4 first (since there’s so much)”…”The campaigns will feature a lot of well-known locations from Fallout 4″ This is of course likely to upset a few players who were looking forward to a more old-school Fallout game, but hey, I’m not complaining. Birch once again mentions that there are plans in place to roll out monthly expansions for the game in the form Update Packs.

Following the immediate launch of the game and its initial run of Update Packs that will form a solid base for the game to build upon, the plan seems to be to work backwards with iconic locations from Fallout 3 to be the first to follow. While no information was given regarding the locations the original press release states that there will be “a huge variety of iconic scenery and settlement buildings, from the Red Rocket to Sanctuary Hills”.FO_Promo_Mr-Handy_No-Background_Black-Text_low-res

Presumably hoping to assuage the potential outcry from Interply-era Fallout purists, Chris went on to say, “we have access to 1 and 2 as well but you’ll see a gradual roll out of factions, characters and expansions”…”Fallout 3 and 4 will keep us pretty busy but we’re not forgetting about the others!”
Better than nothing, right?

As mentioned before, three confirmed factions for the games launch, The Survivors, The Brotherhood of Steel and The Super Mutants.
Unfortunately, The Survivors aren’t the exciting band of heroes that a lot us hoped they would be, instead largely consisting of NPC’s from Sanctuary Hills. Speaking about this, Birch has said that The Survivors faction will be made up of “pretty much your settlement in Sanctuary Hills in Fallout 4”. What this means, for those of you who haven’t actually played the game is that you will have access to: (spoilers below)

  • Sturges – A Third Generation Synth
  • Preston Garvey – The Minute Mens Senior Officer
  • Ronnie – A Veteran Servicewoman in the Minutemen
  • Mama Murphy – A Clairvoyant Chem Addict. How fun.
  • Piper – A Skilled Reporter. Not someone I would call on in a battle, but that’s just me.

Birch later clarified that they could be “any group of survivors.”  But without more information on how character building and character growth works, this means little.

PFO_Promo_Assaultron-B_No-Background_Black-Text_low-res-264x300reviously discussed Factions such as The Radiers, The Institute and The Minutemen will be added to the game by way of Expansions which will be appearing in a survey that will aid Modiphius in plotting how they wish to release these factions in a way that’s tailored to what the community wants to see. This survey should be on the way soon as Birch calls its arrival, imminent.
Continuing to shovel on the Fallout 4 content, with the exception of one person and his Synth bodyguard, Birch went on to say that the following characters are already being developed for the game:

  • Paladin Danse – Brotherhood of Steel Paladin
  • Elder Maxson – Brotherhood of Steel Elder.
  • Lancer-Captain Kells – Brotherhood of Steel, Captain, Prydwen
  • Knight-Captain Cade – Brotherhood of Steel, Medical Officer, Prydwen
  • Dr. Zimmer & Armitage – The Institute, last seen in Fallout 3
  • Allie Filmore – The Institute, Chief Engineer
  • Alana Secord – The Institute, Synth Retention Bureau
  • Curie – Vault Tec, Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer
  • Boomer – The Raiders, Leader of a Raider group at Outpost Zimonja
  • Ack Ack – The Raiders, a Minigun wielding Raider, Satellite Station Olivia
  • Sinjin – The Raiders, a Ghoul who holds the rank of Leader
  • Hancock – Neutral, a Ghoul who resides as Mayor of Goodneighbor
  • An X6-88 Courser Synth – The Institute, high-end killing machines
  • Strong – Neutral, a Super Mutant with a literal mind

The Game.


Moving on from the characters and locales, we get a bit of an insight into how the game will operate. Chris expanded upon some previous statements he has made in regards to the game modes, telling Jim that the game will offer a standard game mode of Head-to-Head, a Narrative Campaign Arc, Solo play against the games deck driven AI, and a Co-operative game mode which will see each player choosing their Crew based around a predetermined Caps Total or to fit a pre-made scenario.

The much discussed Caps will, as was metioned before, be used to buy more characters that you can add to your wasteland Crew which can be expanded upon with, “equipment and weapon upgrades, consumables, settlement resources (which provide bonuses during your game) and more.”

Similar to Deadzone First Edition, each Upgrade Pack you purchase will contain more cards that function as an AI for that specific faction, meaning that if you buy Synths, you’ll face an AI that will use Synth tactics opposed to Super Mutant tactics. Birch explains this by saying, “…no matter which sets you have, you’ll always have some enemies to play against on your own.”

When talking about the narrative play, something a great deal of us are very intrigued by, Birch says that these will be built, “to have a more story driven series of scenarios”. Let’s hope this means less ‘Kill X Enemies’ styled missions. He goes on to explain that the idea of these missions is for the players Crew to eventually grow in size and accrue more resources so, “you’ll get access to new options and so on.”

I’ve previously mentioned that there was initial confusion within the community regarding the games scale, Chris elaborates on the games scalability when he said, “you can just take 3 or 4 characters and take them on a narrative based mission in the wasteland [sic] vs random creatures or an AI force so I think it will scratch the itch of a lot of people looking for small or large scale gaming in the Wasteland.”
That sounds good to me! I do love a good 2×2 skirmish with piles of terrain and scenery.

Also coming to the game is a set of faction specific quests. These will lead to other quests that will in turn lead to “cool side objectives in missions that can really help your crew.” He also mentions that, “You’ll be able to get better gear through the different expansions (including card decks or unit packs) so you can outfit your growing force.”
That list includes armours, weapons, chems, equipment upgrades and grenades.

Once Bethesda have, “signed off on the game and launch sets” the game will hopefully be launching in November. For reasons that are beyond comprehension, the game will first be available at Essen Spiele. Fingers crossed, he means it will be playable in it’s finished form at Essen Spiele, which takes place in October.


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