Fallout Wasteland Warfare Starter Set Price Estimates & Upcoming Factions.

Yesterday, we detailed the contents of the Fallout Wasteland Warfare Resin Starter Set and had a brief chat about what you can expect to see in the PVC Starter Set which is expected to arrive some time next year.

It has now been revealed by Chris that the current price being given to people interested in the game is around £65-£70 / $80-$90. But according to Chris, the “goal is to get it as low as we can.”

That £65-£70 / $80-$90 includes a Female Vault Dweller (Nora), Dogmeat, One Brotherhood of Steel Aspirant in T60 Power Armour, Three Settlers, One Super Mutant Brute, Two Standard Super Mutants, Two Super Mutant Hounds and their scenic bases, all the dice required to play the game, all the required counters, a rule book, scenarios and unit cards as well as quests and gear cards. It also includes the highly interesting AI cards that control units in singe play. In other words, you’re getting everything you need to play the game!

It has also been confirmed that at launch The Survivors, Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel will be available. The factions that will be following them are the much sought after Raiders, Institute and The Enclave.

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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Starter Set Contents Information.

Speaking through the official Modiphius Development Blog and a BoardGameGeek Thread, Chris Birch has revealed some new information regarding the upcoming Resin Starter Set and the PVC starter set that will be coming next year.

The Resin Starter set contents are as follows:

– One Armour D12
– One Skill D20
– Two Accuracy D12
– Two Armour Reduction D12
– Two Special D12
– Two Damage D12
– Rules
– Scenarios

– Counters
– Information Cards
– One Female Vault Dweller (Nora)
– One Dogmeat
– One Brotherhood of Steel Aspirant in T60 Power Armour
– Three Settlers
– One Super Mutant Brute
– Two Standard Super Mutants
– Two Super Mutant Hounds

The PVC starter set which is expected to ship sometime next year will contain some different units and scenarios to help reflect this. The PVC set is expected, but not set in stone, to be a Brotherhood of Steel team of roughly 9 miniatures and a Super Mutant force of roughly 9 miniatures. This is to help players get a wider variety of units rather than buying duplicates.

A small expansion is planned for players to get their hands on The Male Sole Survivor (Nate) as well as Cogsworth and a variant version of Dogmeat.

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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Player Turn Breakdown.

[Update – Power Armour use clarified.]
Gen Con 2017 is going strong and the turn out has been, as expected, exceptional. One attendee, Brian Bosch from the unofficial Fallout Wasteland Warfare Group, was kind enough to relay some information to me regarding the game and the demo session he took part in.

To open, he clarified that the demo team stressed that the game is still in development and that this was brought up many times when questions were asked in regards to the games rules. As we cover character stats, you can cross reference them with the pictures attached so you an get a better understanding of how they work within the game.

The demo session that Brian took part in saw him assuming control of The Sole Survivor with a Combat Shotgun equipped vs a Super Mutant enemy. As previously shown in the Rule Set from Gen Con, players can take two actions in their turn. Brian opted to go on the offensive and made two shooting attacks against the Super Mutant. combat shotgun


When making a shooting attack, you first measure the distance between yourself and the target using the coloured range finders as dictated by your weapon card. As you can see in the image above, the Combat Shotgun uses Red and Blue range finders to determine Close Range and Long range.


Brian consults The Lone Wanderers Perception Skill and uses a White D20 to determine whether or not he hits the Super Mutant with his shooting attack. He successfully rolls a 7 or under, hitting the target Super Mutant!

combat shotgun short range
Because the attack was being made from within Short Range, Brian adds two black dice to his roll which add Damage Modifiers, inflicting damage on the Super Mutant and bypassing its armour. Had the shot not been strong enough to bypass the Super Mutants armour, the controlling player would roll a Red D12 in an attempt to block some of the incoming damage by rolling equal to or lower than the specified amount on their stat card. [You might also notice the Critical Point icon which reads, “!4 SHORT ONLY”.
Had Brian previously successfully shot 4 times with his Combat Shotgun he would be able to activate the weapons Critical Effect which would let him add extra damage to the attack as well as roll the Purple “Special” D12.]


For example, our Lone Wanderer requires a 2 or lower to block the same amount of incoming damage. As has been previously mentioned numerous times throughout the games development, these stats can be change and improved by using pieces of gear, armour and equipment, but these were not used in this demo session.
It has been confirmed by Chris Birch that Power Armour works on a sliding scale. He said that, “you roll equal or under your armour and block that many points of damage. Power armour suits come as cards that upgrade your health, strength and armour value but once they take as much damage as the extra health they flip around to the damaged side.”

Unfortunately, Skills like lockpicking and searching weren’t used in the demo session.

For those of you that still haven’t done it, I advise you catch up on the Development Blogs here, and download your free copy of the Modiphia Magazine here!

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Revealed Stat Cards: What we know + New close up Miniatures photo.

The following stat cards are lifted from images that have come out of Gen Con 2017 and may be subject to change as the game develops. And if you aren’t interested in that, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a lovely new high quality image of the Brotherhood of Steel and Super Mutant miniatures by way of the Board Game Replay Twitter.

The Sole Survivor.
Luck 4

Super Mutant.




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Fallout Wasteland Warfare Rules – Gen Con 2017 Quick Reference Sheet.

Gen Con 2017 rolls ever forward and with that, so to does our coverage of Fallout Wasteland Warfare. In this article, we will cover the Quick Reference Sheet Rules [QRSR] for the game so you can get a taste of what to expect. For your convenience, I’ve attached a copy of the quick reference rule sheet which has been touched up with photoshop to make it more legible.

The following is verbatim minus reference points denoted by a * mark.

Player with fewest remaining models chooses turn’s starting player. Turns oscillate between players. On your turn:

  1. MUST add a Ready activation marker to 1 model without activation marker, THEN
  2. MAY activate ALL their ready models.

A model may perform up to TWO actions:

  • Move
  • Charge
  • Close Combat
  • Shoot
  • Throw
  • Use an Expertise
  • Prepare

AND models may spend AP* on Quick Actions.
Complete activating one model before the next.
[Action Points*]

Skill based on thrown icon*.
Weapons with this icon* scatter if miss.
[See QRSR at the top of the page*]

Target outnumbered: + GreenD12*
Knife Icon* No Penalty
Handgun & Grenade Icon* -2 Skill
Assault Rifle and Mini Nuke (?) Icon* -2 Skill AND -1 base damage
[See QRSR at the top of the page*]

For each physical/energy damage:
Add one Regular Damage marker.

For each radiation Damage:
Flip one regular damage or radiation damage or,
if no regular damage, add one radiation damage.

Models whose cards show
Action Points Use icons can
spend APs to perform Quick

Cost: 1 AP per Quick Action

Each icon can be used once per activation.
Movement Icon*
Attack Icon*
Expertise Icon*
Prepare Icon*
[See QRSR at the top of the page*]

Except attacks, require LoS, [Line of sight*]
One length Any activity /*Friendly attacked
TWO lengths Movement /*Attacks

+2 skill 
-2 to hit
-1 damage

Any part of base to any part

Centre to centre

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Revealed So Far – Forces of the Wasteland.

As Fallout Wasteland Warfare gets closer and closer to release, more and more information comes to the fore regarding the game. This time, that information comes in the form of a deluge of character renders for the upcoming miniatures. Here they are, for your viewing pleasure, sorted categorically. Should more be released, the relevant faction will be updated.

The Brotherhood of Steel.


Super Mutants.


The Institute.


The Survivors


The Robots.


Creatures of the Wasteland.


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No Fallout Vegas Plans, Custom Dice Required, Mole Rats Confirmed, Raider Power Armour & Liberty Prime Draft Pose

Speaking in an interview with the good people at Skirmish Supremacy, you can find an archive of their podcasts here, Chris Birch has reiterated much of what we’ve heard before. But he also confirmed a few new things.

First of all, Fallout New Vegas is not currently being considered for the game. For the sake of full disclosure, I need to tell you that I actually already knew this but rather than make it public knowledge, I asked if I should hold back on that bit of information. And so I did. But now that it’s out there, it is what it is.

Second, the Mole Rats have been confirmed as a creature that will appear in the game. Hurrah! Now we just need to know if Moira Brown can get us a Mole Rat Repellent Stick when the Fallout 3 content starts to roll around.

Third, the previously mentioned Liberty Prime figure has been viewed by Chris in its draft form. At the minute, Liberty Prime is posed as though he is in the middle of throwing a bomb. Fingers crossed, it’s a mini-nuke. He is expected to be 25cm tall, which is about 10 inches. 9.84252 inches if you want to be specific!

While there’s no miniature to show, Chris has also confirmed that a Raider will be coming to the raider faction and he will be wearing Power Armour. This will likely be Boomer, a character that was previously confirmed to be coming to the game.

In gameplay information, rolling to Hit is done with a D20. Chris made mention of Bands of Range. This makes me think of Warzone, which is what I’ve wanted since the beginning. He goes on to say how a roll of 9 is what you would expect to see as a 75-85% hit chance, which is exactly the same as a well aiming soldier in the aforementioned Warzone post. If you want to read more about how shooting works in Warzone, you can do so here. A bit of rule speculation is always fun.

He also inadvertently revealed that the game will likely be using Custom D12 and D20 that, “the dice also already has some other symbols on it that trigger a different reaction and the, uh, ability to go on overwatch basically.”

In not so important news, but interesting news, Chris re-confirms the existence of Tournament kit for ranked tournament play.

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New Information Regarding Development + New Interview Coverage from Critical Twits

Chris Birch took to the Unofficial Facebook Page for Fallout Wasteland Warfare today (June 20th 2017) to drop a bit of information into the group.

Chris will be taking a trip to the Bethesda Offices to give them a demonstration of the game, which is now in its 13th build.

He has said that, “Once we get feedback from the team there we will start sharing a lot more.”
The reason that we haven’t heard too much about the games rules or gameplay mechanics through him or via official channels is that he doesn’t want to give out information about something that is subject to change as the game develops. Which is completely understandable.

You can read the full comment from Chris below.

I’m off to demo the game to the team at Bethesda on Tuesday next week and we’re now on version 13 of the rules. Once we get feedback from the team there we will start sharing a lot more. I’ve been conscious about saying too much when things could change. I know rules are key to this as you can only go so far with pretty figures but be patient. I wanted to be sure Bethesda were happy before unveiling things properly. We have plans for a detailed battle report discussing the rules

Some new information in this interview, which was conducted at the UK Game Expo 2017, is worth reading.

  • When speaking about AI controlled Creatures that would turn up in the Wasteland, he did so by mentioning players needing to purchase “Creature Packs” which include “Deathclaws and Radscorpions”
  • The Workbench which was previously mentioned has been confirmed to “unlock” more weapons and armour
  • Hacking computer consoles is again confirmed
  • Searching certain scenery pieces is mentioned. For example, “interacting with a Nuka-Cola machine and seeing what you can find inside” or “you can search the terrain, maybe there’s a buried robot, you know? A buried Synth that you need to recover. And you searched around it, but be careful of what you might find.”

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Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Super Mutant Faction Revealed + Game Mechanic.

Chris Birch, the man behind Fallout Wasteland Warfare, took to the Unofficial Facebook page tonight to tell the community that there would be a, “Big reveal hitting the email servers shortly”. It goes without saying that the excitement was immediate.

Hot of the presses from Modiphius Entertainment, this email was an update on the much discussed Super Mutant Faction, which we’ve known about for some time. But now we have some lovely new pictures to show off!

First up, the Super Mutant Brute. As we already know, he is devastating in Melee, but now we know that when he has access to the previously discussed Advanced Rules, he can knock enemy miniatures up to 4″ away.unnamed

Next, we have the Generic Super Mutant. He’s (it’s?) not up to much. A melee focused unit with a nasty looking bat in one hand and a Molotov in the other.unnamed (1)

Following that, there’s a second Generic Super Mutant, this time armed with a Sledgehammer and a crude, but no doubt effective, pistol. Just remember, just because Mutants can’t aim straight, doesn’t mean they don’t get lucky. unnamed (2)

Now, this guy… This guy is out looking for a fight. A firefight that is. Armed with a machine gun that has been outfitted with a drum magazine, he’s going to be putting a lot of lead down range. Mostly aimed at you. He also carries a lot more armour on the torso than most other Mutants. Keep that in mind.unnamed (3)

Up next is a Super Mutant that Chris Birch has daubed Aviator Head. A fitting name, given his ridiculous choice of head gear. Armed with a pipe pistol in one hand and a pipe shotgun in the other, he’s taking to the field with twice the firepower. As it stands, Aviator Head currently commands the Super Mutant set. But, should you choose to allocate your Hero Card somewhere else, he could just be a bumbling grunt waving two guns in the air.Super Mutant

And last, we have the Super Mutant Hounds. These heavily mutated puppers do not want to play fetch, they want to play eat the wastelander. As you would expect, they move quickly and low to the ground. Closing the gap quickly to bite and claw at you, giving their Super Mutant masters a chance to get close to you.unnamed (4)

Alas, that’s all we have for now regarding the Super Mutants, but now you know what to expect from the Two Player Starter Set in regards to the Super Mutant contents. And that’s quite nice as well.

In case you missed it, we also recently had confirmation that the Enclave would be making an appearance in the Wasteland, needless to say that was well received information.

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[Note: Gallery available below]



Fallout Wasteland Warfare Interview: Enclave confirmed. Starter Box Contains Sole Survivor, Dogmeat & Preston Garvey And More.

A new interview with Chris Birch, of Modiphus Entertainment, has surfaced online thanks to the YouTube channel, UK Gaming. As per the last summary article, I will cover the key points here and should you feel so inclined you can view the entire interview via the link above.

Previously, it was mentioned that there will be a starter box that would be The Survivors vs The Super Mutants. Chris elaborates slightly on what you can expect to see in the box, saying it will contain The Sole Survivor, Dogmeat  Preston Garvey and “a couple of survivors.” At this point in time, the only other characters that we know about that are allied with the Survivors faction are Sturges, Ronnie, Piper and Mama Murphy.
He also said the box would contain a “bunch of Super Mutants”, so no surprise on that front.

He also confirmed that the famous and much sought after Enclave Faction will be coming to the game. Simply saying, “the Enclave is coming.”
This is Great news for those of us that love those power armoured, patriotic lunatics.

Another item has been added to the list of equipment that can be used to defend your settlement in base defence scenarios. This item is the Missile Turret.

New Narrative Missions will be made available to download each month and they will all be linked together. These will be supplemented separately by Mission Packs that also tell a linked narrative.

Each faction will receive its own Mini-Quests that are specific to it.

The original plan for the game was to have starter boxes with rules for each of the factions. This has seemingly been changed to being one starter box “so we don’t need to keep getting the same contents again and again.” This was based on community feedback.

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