The Raiders are coming!

Bolt down your windows, barricade your doors! Signal for help and grab a weapon! THE RAIDERS ARE COMING! The newest showing from Modiphius is The Raider faction for Fallout Wasteland Warfare. Drawn from the dregs of Commonwealth Society, the Raiders form warbands that are a dangerous rabble indeed!


Starting strong with three named characters, Ack Ack pours lead down range with a huge Mini-gun! Avery unloads with a Short Combat Rifle! Sinjin takes aim with a modified Pipe Pistol! These characters, coupled with the ability boosting strength of the Heroic Card, means your Raider Warband will be a force to be reckoned with. Your Raider Warband will grow as you start to add Raiders, Scavvers and the rightly feared Pyscho’s to your roster.

Standing proud, strong and indomitable amid this force of armed and dangerous wastelanders, is the Veteran Raider Boss. Clad in a suit of Raider Power Armour, she towers over her Raider subordinates, preparing to lay down torrents of 5.56mm caliber fire from her dual wielded Assault Rifles. The best offense, is a good defense. But a good defense is improved by lots of offense!


That’s all for now, thanks for reading.