New Information Regarding Development + New Interview Coverage from Critical Twits

Chris Birch took to the Unofficial Facebook Page for Fallout Wasteland Warfare today (June 20th 2017) to drop a bit of information into the group.

Chris will be taking a trip to the Bethesda Offices to give them a demonstration of the game, which is now in its 13th build.

He has said that, “Once we get feedback from the team there we will start sharing a lot more.”
The reason that we haven’t heard too much about the games rules or gameplay mechanics through him or via official channels is that he doesn’t want to give out information about something that is subject to change as the game develops. Which is completely understandable.

You can read the full comment from Chris below.

I’m off to demo the game to the team at Bethesda on Tuesday next week and we’re now on version 13 of the rules. Once we get feedback from the team there we will start sharing a lot more. I’ve been conscious about saying too much when things could change. I know rules are key to this as you can only go so far with pretty figures but be patient. I wanted to be sure Bethesda were happy before unveiling things properly. We have plans for a detailed battle report discussing the rules

Some new information in this interview, which was conducted at the UK Game Expo 2017, is worth reading.

  • When speaking about AI controlled Creatures that would turn up in the Wasteland, he did so by mentioning players needing to purchase “Creature Packs” which include “Deathclaws and Radscorpions”
  • The Workbench which was previously mentioned has been confirmed to “unlock” more weapons and armour
  • Hacking computer consoles is again confirmed
  • Searching certain scenery pieces is mentioned. For example, “interacting with a Nuka-Cola machine and seeing what you can find inside” or “you can search the terrain, maybe there’s a buried robot, you know? A buried Synth that you need to recover. And you searched around it, but be careful of what you might find.”

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.


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