Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Units and Characters.

The manner in which Characters and Units work has been partially revealed today by way of the unofficial Fallout Wasteland Warfare Facebook page.

Speaking to myself and others amongst the group, Chris Birch of Modiphius Entertainment has revealed that there is a squad based dynamic in the upcoming post apocalyptic table top Wargame.

Miniatures will come in two varieties when they are part of your Crew. They will fall into the category of Characters or Units. To quote Chris, “…you move and act / shoot with each figure before moving to the next but you activate a character or unit at the same time.”

That was a bit too vague for my liking, so quizzing him further I asked if this means if a unit is comprised of multiple individual miniatures, or is every single miniature in the game free to act on its own?

He told me that the answer was yes, saying, “Yes you either have a unit of two or more minis that are activated together but then each one moves and shoots independently or a character that is activated and moves / shoots.”

When you look at the picture below, suddenly the game takes shape. The image includes one Brotherhood of Steel Knight and two Scribes battling against two Super Mutants and a Mutant Hound. If we assume the Knight is a Character and the Scribes are a Unit then the Knight would act on its own, as an individual Character, whereas the Scribes would activate as a Unit and then presumably move and shoot with their own degree of freedom. Whether or not there is any coherency in the Unit, meaning ‘x’ unit must stay within ‘x’ inches of another member of its Unit, remains to be seen.


Chris also made mention of another rule set coming to the game later that would allow for larger group activation, saying, “There is a mass system for the full rule set later that lets you move a larger unit and shoot with one roll.” What that means exactly, isn’t clear at this time.

Should any of this information be updated, I will be sure to include it. Make sure you check back over the next day or so! Thanks for reading.



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