General News Update: Paladin Danse, New Sculpts Information and More. [Updated]

[Update Note – Redaction and edit in final Paragraph]

With pictures from Gen Con flooding the internet, there has never been more love for the upcoming Table Top War Game, Fallout Wasteland Warfare. With the exposure that Gen Con brought, and the huge collection of revealed Sculpts already available, it’s easy to see where love is coming from. So what news from the front?

Well, it has been quite some time since we’ve heard anything in regards to new Named Characters coming to the game, but it has been confirmed by way of the Official Modiphius Facebook Page that the one and only Paladin Danse of Squad Gladius is still coming to the game. In fact, he may be further along than you think. Paladin Danse has been submitted to Bethesda for approval, meaning he’s closer than ever to appearing on your table top. We haven’t heard Danse be mentioned since back in May, so this is good news for Brotherhood of Steel fans.
Regarding another character that we haven’t heard of since May, it was again confirmed that “yes we’re doing a Curie.”

For those of us that have an interest in things that came before Fallout 4, of which there are many, it was also confirmed on the Official Modiphius Facebook Page that work has begun on creating miniatures based on fallout 3. Not only that, they have already began to look at characters from Fallout 1 and 2. For readers that would like to know, the exact wording, here’s a quote “Already we’re sculpting from fallout 3 and looking at characters from 1 and 2.”

Regarding miniatures, again by way of Official Modiphius Facebook Page, it has been confirmed that miniatures will be available individually if purchased directly from the store page. However, no information was given regarding whether or not this would apply to every single miniature, or just figures of note. Here’s what they said, “There will be sets with unit, gear and AI cards and we will do solo minis direct from our store.”

Customisation options were mentioned on the Official Modiphius Facebook Page. To that end, it has again been confirmed that “There will be some sprues of heads, weapons and gear for modding.”
With the addition of weapons and gear, it will be easier to build your characters using the equipment you want.

That’s all for know, thanks for reading.

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