Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Super Mutant Faction Revealed + Game Mechanic.

Chris Birch, the man behind Fallout Wasteland Warfare, took to the Unofficial Facebook page tonight to tell the community that there would be a, “Big reveal hitting the email servers shortly”. It goes without saying that the excitement was immediate.

Hot of the presses from Modiphius Entertainment, this email was an update on the much discussed Super Mutant Faction, which we’ve known about for some time. But now we have some lovely new pictures to show off!

First up, the Super Mutant Brute. As we already know, he is devastating in Melee, but now we know that when he has access to the previously discussed Advanced Rules, he can knock enemy miniatures up to 4″ away.unnamed

Next, we have the Generic Super Mutant. He’s (it’s?) not up to much. A melee focused unit with a nasty looking bat in one hand and a Molotov in the other.unnamed (1)

Following that, there’s a second Generic Super Mutant, this time armed with a Sledgehammer and a crude, but no doubt effective, pistol. Just remember, just because Mutants can’t aim straight, doesn’t mean they don’t get lucky. unnamed (2)

Now, this guy… This guy is out looking for a fight. A firefight that is. Armed with a machine gun that has been outfitted with a drum magazine, he’s going to be putting a lot of lead down range. Mostly aimed at you. He also carries a lot more armour on the torso than most other Mutants. Keep that in mind.unnamed (3)

Up next is a Super Mutant that Chris Birch has daubed Aviator Head. A fitting name, given his ridiculous choice of head gear. Armed with a pipe pistol in one hand and a pipe shotgun in the other, he’s taking to the field with twice the firepower. As it stands, Aviator Head currently commands the Super Mutant set. But, should you choose to allocate your Hero Card somewhere else, he could just be a bumbling grunt waving two guns in the air.Super Mutant

And last, we have the Super Mutant Hounds. These heavily mutated puppers do not want to play fetch, they want to play eat the wastelander. As you would expect, they move quickly and low to the ground. Closing the gap quickly to bite and claw at you, giving their Super Mutant masters a chance to get close to you.unnamed (4)

Alas, that’s all we have for now regarding the Super Mutants, but now you know what to expect from the Two Player Starter Set in regards to the Super Mutant contents. And that’s quite nice as well.

In case you missed it, we also recently had confirmation that the Enclave would be making an appearance in the Wasteland, needless to say that was well received information.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.
[Note: Gallery available below]




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