Fallout Wasteland Warfare Interview: Enclave confirmed. Starter Box Contains Sole Survivor, Dogmeat & Preston Garvey And More.

A new interview with Chris Birch, of Modiphus Entertainment, has surfaced online thanks to the YouTube channel, UK Gaming. As per the last summary article, I will cover the key points here and should you feel so inclined you can view the entire interview via the link above.

Previously, it was mentioned that there will be a starter box that would be The Survivors vs The Super Mutants. Chris elaborates slightly on what you can expect to see in the box, saying it will contain The Sole Survivor, Dogmeat  Preston Garvey and “a couple of survivors.” At this point in time, the only other characters that we know about that are allied with the Survivors faction are Sturges, Ronnie, Piper and Mama Murphy.
He also said the box would contain a “bunch of Super Mutants”, so no surprise on that front.

He also confirmed that the famous and much sought after Enclave Faction will be coming to the game. Simply saying, “the Enclave is coming.”
This is Great news for those of us that love those power armoured, patriotic lunatics.

Another item has been added to the list of equipment that can be used to defend your settlement in base defence scenarios. This item is the Missile Turret.

New Narrative Missions will be made available to download each month and they will all be linked together. These will be supplemented separately by Mission Packs that also tell a linked narrative.

Each faction will receive its own Mini-Quests that are specific to it.

The original plan for the game was to have starter boxes with rules for each of the factions. This has seemingly been changed to being one starter box “so we don’t need to keep getting the same contents again and again.” This was based on community feedback.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.


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