UK Game Expo 2017: Super Mutant Brute Miniature Confirmed.

Thanks to the help of Fallout Wasteland Warfare community member Kieren Swift, we were able to show a never before seen Fallout Wasteland Warfare Miniature, specifically a Super Mutant.

The Super Mutant in question was armed with a large two handed sledgehammer. It wears a helmet and wears heavy pieces of ramshackle armour on its arms. Well, now we know who it is!Sledge Mutant

Chris Birch, of Modiphius Entertainment,  has told me that this is the miniature for the Super Mutant Brute in Fallout Wasteland Warfare. Looking at the miniature, we can see that it has no discernible means of engaging targets at a distance,  and to that end, Chris has told me that the Brute is, “devastating with the hammer in Melee.”

So there you have it, our 3rd official Super Mutant is a melee class Brute. This, coupled with the other two ranged Super Mutants and the Mutant Hound brings the current Super Mutant Faction up to 4 miniatures.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading!


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