Official Scale Specifics Revealed. 32mm/1:50

A brief news update for you all today. Following some discussion regarding the scale of miniatures in Fallout Wasteland Warfare, I took the chance to reach out to Chris from Modiphius Entertainment to try and get some clarification.

In a reply email, he told me, “Hi it’s 32mm from the bottom of the heel (not including shoe soles) to the eye of a standard human who is 5’8” tall, 173cm to the top of the head. Its 1:50 scale exactly. “

He was also kind enough to then share this information with the unofficial Fallout Wasteland Warfare Facebook page in the comments section of where this discussion was being held.

This new information should aid in the creation of scenery, terrain and buildings for their gaming tables, which many have already started working on. With a competition coming later in the year for the best terrain board, it’s easy to see why some people have started early.  

Adding to this, in regards to a miniatures size in regards to individual proportions, I asked Chris if the miniatures would be scaled accordingly. The reply was what you would expect it to be.

Q – “…can you confirm whether or not miniatures are scaled accordingly? For example, Super Mutants, will they be taller than humans? Will a Brotherhood of Steel member in Power Armour be taller than someone not in it?”

A – “Yes of course everything is scaled proportionally don’t take the promo images as exact references.”

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.
And in case you missed it, you can check out the new Super Mutant miniature here.)



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