Small News: Generic AI Deck.

Speaking on the unofficial Fallout Wasteland Warfare facebook page, Chris Birch of ProbabilityCalculatorModiphius Entertainment divulged some much sought after information regarding the AI Deck which will be used in the game.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the AI Deck is a set of cards that will allow you to play the game in a single player and cooperative manner. These cards are used to control enemy miniatures by deciding what they will do and how they will behave at any given moment. Neat, right?

Previously, in a Q&A with yours truly, I asked Chris, “Let’s say I encounter a group of Super Mutants with my Brotherhood of Steel Knight and 2 Scribes. How would the AI Deck be expected to thematically respond?”

To which he replied, “Well both have different behaviours – the Super Mutants are going to be much more aggressive and attack you head on, whilst the Super Mutant Player would see the BoS using more ranged fire and cover to their advantage. There’s more beyond that but that will give you an idea.”

He has now expanded upon that via the unofficial Fallout Wasteland Warfare Facebook page, saying “There actually is a generic deck, with specific cards for each faction that you collect with each of your faction boxes, the generic deck is tied to behaviour, so each faction can be a mix of behaviours – Brotherhood Scribes won’t act the same way a Knight in T60 power armour for example.”

That’s interesting for a number of reasons, but most notably the idea of the deck being “generic”, presumably meaning largely applicable to most factions. Speculation on my part leads me to believe that this Generic Deck will include behaviours such as basic movement, shooting and fighting which are then flavoured by the Faction AI Deck. Chris mentions Scribes acting differently than Knights. To me, for the sake of example and speculation, this means a Scribe would move faster and stick to cover whereas a Knight would lay down heavier gun fire and trust in his armour to protect him/her as they advance. Remember, this is just me speculating.

Who knows what these faction cards and generic cards hold in store for us. Only time shall tell. That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

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