Revealed: Brotherhood of Steel and Protectron Miniatures + Launch Survey

It has been a little while coming, but Modiphius Entertainment have launched their Survey to help gather feedback for Fallout Wasteland Warfare through official channels. Not only that, but if you fill out the survey, you’ll be entered into a draw which could see you chosen as the winner of a Fallout Wasteland Warfare Starter Set.

The two player starter set that we have all been so interested in hearing about will contain “pre-assembled hardened pvc” miniatures and it’s expected to arrive at some point early in 2018. According to Modiphius Founder Chris Birch, “these things take a LONG time to get right.”

The Survey covers everything from what you want to see in your Faction Starters, how much you would be willing to pay and what format you would like the miniatures to come in. Single pieces of PVC, Resin, Metal etc. It also includes questions regarding which pieces of terrain and scenery players would like to see in the game, how they would like the narrative to unfold and how often they would like to see updates.

Modiphius also took the chance to reveal two new Miniatures that will likely be appearing in the game. The ever popular Protectron and the Brotherhood of Steel Knight in T-60 Power Armour.

Fallout Wasteland Warfare is expected to be made available for Pre-order this summer period and is aiming to launch in November of this year.


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