Modiphius Founder Talks About Planned Release Order

Chris Birch took to the Official Fallout Wasteland Warfare Forum today to drop some information regarding what players are likely to see in regards to Fallout properties when the game launches later this year.

Chris has stated that the first release for the game will focus on the popular characters, factions and locations that appear in the smash hit game, Fallout 4. For a list of returning characters, see here.

Chris has noted that many of the Hardcore Fallout fans are not very enthused by the lore changes put in place by Bethesda which, admittedly, are rather glaring in places. To that end, he said, “Our campaigns will be derived around FO4 then 3 stories but if you’re really anti storyline in FO 3 or 4 you can always create your own. Remember these are wargames not video games where you are stuck with the designer’s choice, you can literally re-write the Fallout story if you like with your own adventures of your heroes.”

He then goes on to talk about how a players own story could unfold and as he does so, his love of the RPG genre comes through a little bit. He said, “Maybe you’re a luckless mutant who finds himself leading a band to survive the wilderness or try to see what it’s like being a sole survivor raiding at the head of a heavily armed raider gang.”

After Fallout 4, Modiphius will step back into the year 2277 to focus on Fallout 3, which as you know takes place on the East Coast and introduced millions of video gamers to the world of Fallout.

After Fallout 3, we return to Fallout 1 in the year 2161 and that will be followed closely by Fallout 2.

Finishing, Chris said that the goal of focusing on the popular content is to “hopefully sell enough to help us keep supporting the game for you” which is completely understandable. He concludes by adding, “but it’s up to you to tell your own stories :-)”

Fallout Wasteland Warfare is expected to be made available for Pre-order this summer period and is aiming to launch in November of this year.


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