Fallout Wasteland Warfare Starter Set Information.

Chris Birch took to the Official Fallout Wasteland Warfare Forum today to drop some information regarding the starter sets that players are likely to see when the game hopefully launches this November.

Players will be able to purchase a Faction Starter Set that is set to include around 7 – 9 miniatures, though this is subject to change as you look at different factions. Also included in each faction will be some dice to play the game, some starter Scenarios, Counters to help keep track of things, Unit Cards (no info regarding specifics at the time of writing), Wasteland Encounter Cards and the AI Cards which have been the topic of much intrigue.

As mentioned before, each of the miniatures that are in the set will come with a free Scenic Base, however the size of this base has not been clarified. These bases will also be sold separately should players wish to change how their faction looks.

The factory that handles production for Hawk Wargames Resin Miniatures will be tasked with creating the miniatures for Fallout Wasteland Warfare. In terms of assembly, Modiphius Entertainment is aiming for “easy Construction.”
The goal is to get the miniatures cast as a single piece or, “1-2 pieces max where possible with clear and easy joins.”
Underneath the foot of the miniatures, you will find a plug which will match up with a hole in the scenic base, providing a nice and easy means of getting your miniatures quickly and effectively based.

Chris has said that these sets will enable players to take part in a small game, 3 vs 4, so you can “get a taste for the game” and the feel of your faction. These sets exist to help you choose if this is a faction you would like to expand upon, or if you think your interests are best served elsewhere.

The two player starter set that we have all been so interested in hearing about will contain “pre-assembled hardened pvc” miniatures and it’s expected to arrive at some point early in 2018. According to Birch, “these things take a LONG time to get right.”
But fret not. Players that just want to buy the game and play it will have the option of buying the PVC miniatures that will be appearing in the game separately, this is to make sure you aren’t forced to buy the starter set just to get the miniatures inside. This will, of course, aid in army building.

Alas, no pricing model has been revealed yet, but as Chris rightfully says, “good quality resin isn’t cheap and with all the game components and a license fee and costly sculpting to recoup it pushes it up but we’ll keep it as fair as we can.”

Fallout Wasteland Warfare is expected to be made available for Pre-order this summer period and is aiming to launch in November of this year.


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