Modiphous Founder Seeks Community Feedback on Scenery/Terrain + Information on Resin Miniatures Customisation Options.

Taking to the un-official Fallout Wasteland Warfare Facebook page, which you can find here, Founder and Publisher of Modiphius Entertainment Chris Birch has started to seek out community feedback in regards to Scenery and Terrain that they would like to see in the game.
He has done so through the use of a community poll that enthusiastic fans can vote on and there are a lot of options to choose from.

The first poll is all about scenic pieces. Some examples include:

  • Rusted Cars
  • Crashed Vertibirds
  • Vault Tec Containers
  • Street Scatter (Signs, Lamp Posts etc)
  • Livestock
  • Vault Entrances
  • Super Mutant Scatter (Meat Bags etc)

The second poll focuses more on the buildings and structures that players would like to see appear in the game. Some examples include:

  • Modular Basic Walls to create your own custom buildings
  • Red Rocket Station
  • Vault Interior
  • Super Duper Mart
  • Novac Dino Shop

Red Rocket

A user of the group made mention of the fact that he doesn’t care about the miniatures, saying, “I want the rules to evoke the Fallout ‘feel’ rather than this just being a skirmish game skinned as Fallout. ”

Commenting on this, Chris said, “The rules have been designed from the ground up to give the feeling of playing fallout – beta testing now will help us refine that so it’s not too complex and plays smoothly whilst still retaining the flavour of the Fallout games”

Following on from this, Christ went on to comment on what players that like to customise their miniatures can expect to see as the game moves forward. He said, “We’ll be doing some resin sprues of heads, gear and weapons to help modders early on. Doing multi-part resin requires a lot of work and providing the parts is much more expensive for people. If things go well we will explore hard plastics which would allow sprues of multi-parts but it’s a massive rabbit hole you can get lost in. Many companies have got it painfully wrong and lost a lot of money so this is something we’d take our time to explore and get it right.”

I like what I’m hearing.

The amount of Terrain a game needs is often a massively influencing factor in the overall experience. Some games require very literal terrain to be played in any meaningful way, others require very dense battlefields of scatter debris and massive scenery pieces.

When a user asked if there was any information regarding terrain density, Chris said, “Good question, range isn’t crazy – you can’t shoot right across the board so it allows you to move around a bit more without fear of getting shot, that said a decent amount of terrain makes it more interesting. We’ll try to discuss this more in the coming weeks.”

When another member of the group asked him if the game would be as terrain heavy as Infinity, Chris responded, “Not as dense as Infinity – there cover is absolutely vital since the other play can shoot if he sees you.”

Speaking about the terrain and scenic pieces that Modiphius Entertainment has in development, Birch said, “As a heads up we’re working on the Red Rocket, Sanctuary Hills houses and lots of accessories like vending machines, turrets, walls, containers, vault-tec boxes, rusted cars and accessories to add to existing buildings. We’ll be developing other buildings too!”

Chris also confirmed that only the buildings in the game will be made from card. Most likely in reference to the previously mentioned “pre-coloured card buildings” that players can make use of straight out of the game box. When asked, “It’s all in card, isn’t it?” Chris responded, “The buildings only, everything else is resin. We’re exploring some building parts in resin too for a generic 50’s Fallout style building.”

Seeing Chris reach out to the community for feedback and information didn’t go unnoticed either. One member of the group said, “Wow Chris Birch is the founder of Modiphius and is actively seeking out input from the player community. I am just blown away. This is an outstanding way to launch a game, and I can’t wait to blow all my rent money on it.”

Chris responded to this post, saying, “Thanks, I’ve always looked for input for all our projects, too many games companies assume they know what the community wants and I think it’s important you listen, and use that information to improve wherever you can.”

Fallout Wasteland Warfare is expected to be made available for Pre-order this summer period and is aiming to launch in November of this year.


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