Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Nora Miniature to be shown at UK Game Expo.

Recently, myself and others brought you information about Fallout Wasteland Warfare making an appearance at the UK Game Expo, which is a three day event that runs during the summer and stands as the UK’s biggest hobbyists gaming convention.

Now Fallout 4 fans with an interest in Wasteland Warfare have more of an incentive to attend as Chris Birch, founder and publisher of Modiphius Entertainment, has confirmed that Nora will be making an appearance at the show. This follows word from AdminX saying that we should expect to see Nora “unveiled soon.”

While users of the un-official Facebook page for the hotly anticipated game who will be in attendance at the show, Chris stopped by and dropped the news, saying “Nora is gonna be there too.” Prior to that, the last thing we heard about the female Sole Survivor was that she was still waiting to be given an awesome pose.


Needless to say, not many users of Facebook read the myriad replies of fellow users, but this is one of those times when it pays off to be curious and attentive.
Fallout Wasteland Warfare is expected to be made available for Pre-order this summer period and is aiming to launch in November of this year.

Fusion x64 TIFF File


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