Modiphius Reveal New “Institute Courser X6-88” Miniature. Institute Allies Information.

Modiphis Entertainment have shown yet another all new Miniature for their upcoming Tabletop Wargame, Fallout Wasteland Warfare. The Institute Courser X6-88 is a top of the line combat synthetic trained in the art of Synth retrieval, Assassination and information gathering.

The Institute Courser X6-88 is one of a handful
of miniatures confirmed for the game 18588720_1425659944143789_9105771480142730977_owhich are allied with the elusive and mysterious, Institute. Other confirmed members of the Institute that will be appearing in the game include Dr. Zimmer & Armitage, Allie Filmore who is the Institute Chief Engineer and Alana Secord who is a member of Synth Retention Bureau.

These highly competent synthetic lifeforms are possessed of huge physical strength.  They are faster, quicker to react, smarter, more durable and more durable than the average human combatant and can often be seen acting as a leader for lower tier combat synths that serve beneath them in combat.

They have also been known to take on an infiltration role in small squads of Courser units tasked with information retrieval which is then returned to the Synth Retention bureau.




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