Fallout Wasteland Warfare set to make an appearance at the UK Game Expo.

Modiphius have set their sights on the UK Game Expo and will be taking their opportunity to shine. The UK Game Expo is a three day event that runs during the summer, it is hands down the largest hobbyists gaming convention in the UK and, should you feel inclined to attend yourself, you can nab a ticket here.

It’s not yet known what will be shown at the event,
but at this point we do know for FO_Promo_Assaultron-B_No-Background_Black-Text_low-res-264x300certain that they will be talking about the game in some capacity. Perhaps we will see a live demo game or some new miniatures. As it stands, nobody knows.

The UK Game Expo runs from the 2nd to the 4th of June.  Fallout Wasteland Warfare is expected to made available for pre-order this summer period if Bethesda have “signed off on the game and launch sets”. Modiphius hope to release the game this November.



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