Fallout Wasteland Warfare: Modiphius Social Media Page Reveals New Information. Two Player Starter Set Confirmed.

In the wake of the Geek & Sundry exclusive that revealed a slew of new information regarding Fallout Wasteland Warfare, the publishers official Facebook page was flooded with questions from eager potential customers. Some questions were answered and some weren’t, as is the nature of these things. We don’t have a name for the individual that runs the social media page, we will simply refer to them as AdminX. AdminX brought up some new information in response to these questions. Here’s the round up.

First, the big one. AdminX confirmed the existence of a Two Player Starter Box. The Two Player Starter Box has only been mentioned as something that was being considered up until now, but when asked about what materials the miniatures will be cast in (high quality resin), Admin X said, “High quality resin, followed by a 2 player starter box in preassembled plastic”.
That’s right girls, guys and ghouls. A preassembled plastic 2 Player Starter Box exists! Rejoice! The contents of the box have not yet been revealed, AdminX didn’t go into any further detail regarding it, but it’s good news for those of us who think fondly on the days of boxed games past.

Another big one here, a new unit type was announced that wasn’t revealed in the Geek & Sundry article. The Ghouls will be receiving miniatures in some capacity, at some point in time. When asked, “Any [sic]chanse for a [sic]ghuls miniatures?”, AdminX enthusiastically responded, “Yeah!”

Up next, some Character Creation.
When one follower of the Facebook page asked Modiphius to “Please make custom characters available too”, AdminX responded saying that Custom Characters will be made available later in the games lifetime. Saying, “You’ll be able to make your own leaders with the campaign pack coming later”. The individual that requested Character Creation wanted to build The Lyon’s Pride. A neat idea.Light BOS VS Mutants

AdminX has confirmed that the game will be receiving FREE Scenarios and campaigns in the form of FREE to download .PDF files. Quote, ” we plan regular free pdf scenarios to support the community as well as bigger campaign releases”
As you can see, I like free things.

AdminX also mentioned the previously name-dropped Super Mutant Behemoth, saying it’s “being designed now”. Hopefully it’s to scale with Fallout 3 rather than Fallout 4, right?

AdminX said that we can expect to see The Female Lone Wanderer, otherwise known as Nora, “unveiled soon”.

In the words of Three Dog, Thanks for listening!

Sole Survivor


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