Unofficial Fallout Wasteland Warfare poll gauges fan interest. [Update]

[Update] The Raiders have secured more votes, bringing them up to tie with The Enclave, Super Mutants and NCR factions.

[2nd Update] The Enclave and The Raiders have since pulled away from the Super Mutants. Leaving the Mutants tied with the NCR.

Original story follows.

Users of BoardGameGeek have set out to poll their interest in the factions they are looking forward to playing as in an unofficial poll hosted on the sites forum. The results are still rolling in at the time of writing and they don’t offer much in the way of surprises.

At the top of the poll is The Brotherhood of Steel. Arguably the face of the franchise, it’s easy to understand why they have the top slot all to themselves with a count of 52 votes giving them 48.6% of the votes.


Up next, still no surprises, the Super Mutants, The NCR and The Enclave are all tied, each bringing in 20.6% of the votes at 22 votes. Given the prominence of these three factions in the Fallout series, it’s not at all surprising that these well loved factions join The Brotherhood of Steel at the top of the poll.

And funnily enough, the following positions isn’t tied while I’m writing this. It goes to The Raiders, who have currently taken 19.6% with 21 votes to their name. Again, it’s another long time face of the series that takes a ranking.


Hot on the heels of The Raiders is their mirror image, The Minutemen who have taken 16.8% of the race with 18 votes. Their mission structure in Fallout 4 might have been divisive, but they’ve proven to be a popular faction.


Creeping up on The Minutemen is The Institute, with 15 votes giving them a 14% share of the poll. Introduced in Fallout 3 and fully expanded upon in Fallout 4, our synthetic friends brought high technology back to the wastelands.


Chasing the steps of The Institute are the forces of Caesar’s Legion, the roaming amorphous Legions that consume Tribes and turn them into Legionaries left an impression upon most gamers due to their significance in Fallout New Vegas. They currently sit at 13 votes, giving them 12.1% of the vote.


And finally, we come to the Railroad, right behind the Legion with 11.2% and 12 votes. This newly introduced faction with an Synth freeing mentality was introduced in Fallout 4 and doesn’t seem to have done enough to distinguish itself from the pack yet. FO4_Railroad_flag

Be sure to head over to the poll and cast your own vote too!



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