Modiphius Founder discusses Fallout Wasteland Warfare AI.

Speaking in an interview with Beasts of War, Modiphius founder Chris Birch was questioned about the Wargames multiple game modes. They include a Player vs Player match which is quite typical of any Wargame, a Co-op game time which is somewhat less common and finally a Single Player solo adventure which is much more uncommon in traditional Tabletop Wargames.

A Single Player mode of play is uncommon in Tabletop Wargames for a number of reasons, most notably it requires the development of an AI. There needs to be a rule set in place for the game to run on so that it acts similar too if not more aggressively than a human opponent would. Chris Birch thinks Modiphius have the solution for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, and it comes in the form of AI Decks for each of the factions.

These Decks, which are still being worked on, will provide the opposing faction with AI tactics that make them act accordingly. One can only assume that this means Super Mutants will want to use their bulk, strength and resistance to damage as a means of closing the distance with their foes, for example.

Brotherhood, Survivor, Dogmeat

Speaking to Beasts of War about the reasoning behind creating these AI Decks, Birch said, “Well aside from player vs player, I’ve always wanted a wargame with decent solo rules so we’re working on AI decks that are flavoured by their factions specific tactics so you will see one faction acting differently to another if you face off against them on your own or with a friend.”

He went on to explain how these AI Decks give two players the option of teaming up against the game in a rare moment of cooperative play, saying, “By creating solo rules we can then have players team up together against the game – like defending a joint base together, or perhaps instead we’re playing a PvP game where a third side is controlled by the game.”

One of the most common complaints levelled at Wargames is that objectives in a game rarely boil down to more than simply “Kill X Target”, luckily Modiphius have a back catalogue of RPG’s that bring a lot more of a narrative focus to your games. So it comes as no surprise and a large comfort when Birch says, “Something I’ve found with a lot of wargames is a lack of decent scenarios – so we’re planning lots of linked missions in story driven campaigns with regular monthly releases in a storyline as well as packaged bundles.”

He finished on a tantalising note, saying, “We’re also considering some evolving storylines that are wrapped around each faction and how the players can have an influence on that – more on that soon!”

Fallout Wasteland Warfare pre-orders will go live this summer and the game is expected to ship in November.




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