Fallout Wasteland Warfare Terrain and Game size discussed in Game-Feed Interview.

There was some initial confusion with Fallout Wasteland Warfare both on the Modiphius Forums and in circles of discussion on Social Media about what type of Wargame it would be. It was initially thought that the game would be played with 3-30 units which put it on the scale of a Skirmish Game, but this was later expanded upon to mean 3-30 units per player putting it closer to the scale of a traditional Wargame.

We now know however, thanks to an interview with Chris Birch on Gamer-Feed, that the game can be played at 2 varying scales. First of all, it can be played on a 4×4 surface in the style of most typical Wargames, but it can also scale downwards by a foot to be played on a 3×3 surface which is preferred for terrain heavy combat focused games.

Red RocketSpeaking of terrain, Birch divulged some important information about what sort of scenery players can expect to decorate their tables with in regards to the game. In the renders that we have seen so far, there was a Nuka Cola vending machine and the official press release mentions “a huge variety of iconic scenery and settlement buildings, from the Red Rocket to Sanctuary Hills” as well as a series of wrecked vehicles.

It has been revealed that pieces of terrain like machines, vending machines, crates, rusted cars amongst other things will all be cast in resin, but there will also be some terrain alternatives for those that aren’t looking to invest too heavily in their game board. There will be, “pre-coloured card buildings” that players can make use of straight out of the game box. While the specifics weren’t given, these card buildings sound similar to those that were seen in the Infinity Scenery Packs that contained card buildings which could be assembled and then flat packed. Perhaps we can expect something similar? The Press Release did mention “Settlements will include buildings, defences and resources that impact the crew’s army list and abilities in the wasteland.”
Who knows, only time will tell.



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