Chris Birch interviewed by Gamer-Feed. New Fallout Wasteland Warfare Faction Information revealed.

In a recent interview with Gamer-feed, an outlet for Miniatures, Board games, Anime and TCG news, Chris Birch of Modiphius revealed some new information regarding the Factions in the upcoming Tabletop Wargame, Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

In the interview, Birch was quizzed on multiple topic and delivered on every front. He revealed that the game has been in development since October of last year and that he was the catalyst that saw the project coming to life, saying, “it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and have been chatting to Bethesda for a while now.”

More importantly however, he went on to discussSole Survivor
some of the factions that players can expect to see in the game. Previously, the only announced factions were The Brotherhood of Steel and Super Mutants, but this has now been expanded to include Raiders from the Wastelands and The Institute who were first mentioned in Fallout 3. Birch also revealed that The Lone Wanderer is part of a new faction called The Wasteland Survivors, saying, “The Lone Survivor will be part of the wasteland survivors faction which includes various allies and character.”

These new confirmed factions make for some interesting speculation. The Raiders are typically moderately well armed and armoured, fuelled by chems and travelling in groups. The Institute are often far better equipped than most other factions that one is likely to see in the Commonwealth and they also have the aid of their Elite Courser Synths, not to mention their access to teleportation technology. And then there’s the Wasteland Survivors faction. Being made of various allies and characters, one can only assume that this crew would be a amalgamation of various other well known characters from the Fallout universe. Which entries in the series they would draw from however, is anybodies guess.

Birch also commented on the structure of Crews, explaining that the factions aren’t necessarily cut and dry templates, saying, “You can decide to play a narrative game where you’re limited to allies based on the storyline, or you can play anything goes where you might mix and match just the cool figures you want together.”

When we take what Chris has said and add it to what we know about the game thus far, the crew sizes and the AI decks it’s easy to form a picture in your head of these factions doing battle against each other on the tabletop. But not content to leave it there, Chris also dropped a bomb by confirming that the dreaded Super Mutant Behemoth will be making an in the game. That should make for a stunning centre piece for any Super Mutant Horde. For a scale comparison (based on official Fallout 3 models) you can consult the image below or. Yikes.




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