Chris Birch speaks with Beasts of War, reveals Fallout Wasteland Warfare information.


More information came to the fore recently regarding the exciting upcoming Tabletop Wargame, Fallout Wasteland Warfare.
Speaking with Ben Shaw from Beasts of War, founder of Modiphius Chris Birch gave some much desired information about the upcoming wargame that has already whipped up its own firestorm of interest.

When quizzed on the nature of the games release, given that it wasn’t being launched by way of a Kickstarter campaign, Birch told BoW that customers can expect to see a series of starter sets for the game which will cover a number of recognisable Fallout factions, all cast in 32mm scale high quality Resin with scenic bases included in the package as standard. All of these sets will be produced in the UK and they are still considering whether or not they should release a two player starter set, which is “aimed at the more mainstream.” Whether or not this two player set would make any concessions to cut costs has not yet been commented on.


Super Mutant

In an attempt to maintain high quality casts across all miniatures, figures are being produced by the same production company used by Hawk Wargames, of Dropzone and Dropfleet renown. Both games are well known for having exceptionally high quality miniatures with a stunning attention to detail.
Miniatures won’t be premade pieces however. Birch has said, “They will not be pre-assembled but resin parts – we’re trying to keep assembly simple and minimal parts where possible though.”

This is the world of Wargaming though, and if hobbyists couldn’t create custom miniatures, the world of Fallout would soon become an all-too-real possibility. To that end, Modiphius are considering a sprue of pieces that can be used to help customise your miniatures, the sprue would include pieces, “like guns, heads, kit, etc.”

Whilst the forum posts continue to buzz about Super Mutant and Hound
which factions will be featured in the game, we have confirmation that the iconic Brotherhood of Steel will be appearing in the game, Power Armour whirring and Laser Weaponry. Opposing them will be the droves of Super Mutants, who will take to the battlefield with their usual ramshackle attire, crude firearms and sledgehammers waving with their Mutant Hounds in tow.

Further adding to information regarding the upcoming factions Birch has said that in the months that follow the games launch, there are plans to roll out new factions on a monthly basis. There are also plans to run a survey that will help gauge interest in factions which should help dictate the order of the factions that will release in “wave two and three of the releases.”

Fallout Wasteland Warfare pre-orders will go live this summer and the game is expected to ship in November.



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