April 26, 2017, Fallout Wasteland Warfare Officially Announced.

On April 26, 2017, word finally reached The Wasteland that the daily lives of Raiders, Scribes and Lone Wanderers alike would be making it to a tabletop near you, in the form of a Tabletop Wargame no less. Finally, after long years of pleading, fans of the Fallout universe will be able to take the the Wasteland themselves in the form of a 32mm scale Tabletop Wargame that will see players pitting teams of 3-30 miniatures against each other in furious battles for survival and advancement amidst the various other crews that will be wandering the wasteland.

Coming from the good people at Modiphius, a British Developer and Publisher of Tabletop Wargames and Roleplaying Games, Fallout Wasteland Warfare is the very first official Tabletop Wargame set in the Fallout universe and it promises to bring a series of highly detailed miniatures cast in high quality Resin to your gaming tables.

Players will be able to enjoy the game and fully immersive themselves in the cruel Wasteland with the help of familiar characters, creatures and locales, all lovingly rendered and realised through the aid of tabletop scenery such as the infamous Nuka Cola vending machines.

Fallout Wasteland Warfare will support Player vs Player, Player vs Enemy and Player+Player vs Enemy, the game offers three distinct modes of play that can be expanded upon with full narrative campaigns and individual missions with randomly selected mission objectives. The game is also going to support a “Tournament” mode, but at this time not much is known about exactly what this means.

Rather than taking the route of a Kickstarter campaign, Fallout Wasteland Warfare will be coming to stores near you and will offer a range of Organised Play Packs. Pre-orders for the game go live this summer and the game itself is expected to launch in November of this year.


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